“Magnificent artist” - Klassik-Heute

“Bach and a single flute in the hands of Kristine West – nothing else is needed.” - Swedish Radio P2

Youthful delight, a great joy to be alive. Convincing in her musicality and with a completely honest attitude which extracts the essential in every musical expression” - Hela Hälsinglands Tidningar

Kristine West – wooden flutes.

With her roots in the forests of Hälsingland, with the folk music as her musical base, Kristine has reached out to the early music, art music and world muisic scene to establish herself as one of the instrumentalists of her generation.

The tone and the timbre is central in her expression, something that has formed – and constantly transforms – her musical voice.



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Bernadotte Scholarship Award 2024

April 10th Kristine received the Bernadotte award from the Swedish King, to promote her work with early flute playing in the swedish folk music tradition.

Bernadottestipendiet 2024 Bernadottestipendiet


Collaboration with Ale Möller & Erik Rydvall

Concerts during 2022 & 2023





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