Duo West/Rydvall

A collaboration with nyckelharpa player Erik Rydvall.
Supported by Swedish Performing Arts Agency & Swedish Cultural Council.

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Live from Confidencen Opera & Music Festival in Swedish Television:

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In the meeting between multi intstrumentalist and world musician Ale Möller, nyckelharpa player Erik Rydvall and baroque flute and recorder player Kristine West, doors are opened to a musical treasure to be shared with the audience.

Ale Möller is an internationally renown artist with stardom not only in Sweden but on the big festival stages over the world. In this concert he approaches baroque music for the first time, in interpretations made together with Kristine & Erik, combined with a muddle of folk music from near and far.

Duo with Mariangiola Martello – harpsichord

Photo: Amanda Lindgren

Photo: Amanda Lindgren

Johann Sebastian Bach’s flute sonatas are chamber music repertoire of rare quality. The six sonatas are all very different from one another in both style and character, and they provide a musical material to explore in depth, to live with and to discover new elements to over a whole lifetime. Swedish recorder player Kristine West recorded these sonatas at an age of 25 (the recording was named “die neue Referenzaufnahme”, by Markus Zahnhausen in

Back then, it took her a certain amount of courage, at an early stage in her career, to choose to record this particular well-known repertoire. Her aim with her playing, irrespective of in a live concert or a CD recording, has always been to play as she feels that the music must be played. She wants each moment, tone or phrase to exhibit complete conviction in its interpretation, based on impulses and inspiration between the musicians playing together. This approach has taken her from the forests of northern Sweden to the international music scene.

In this concert Kristine West and italian harpsichord player Mariangiola Martello play Bach’s music together with favourites from the contemporary repertoire. Inbetween the pieces, a mix of newer music as well as improvisations and sounds of swedish folk melodies might appear.


Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685-1750)
Sonate C major for recorder & b.c., BWV 1033
Andante – Presto | Allegro | Adagio | Menuetto I + II

Johann Sebastian Bach  1685-1750
Sonate h Moll for recorder & harpsichord obbligato, BWV 1030
Andante | Largo e dolce | Presto

Mirjam Tally  (b. 1976)
Swimming Bach for harpsichord & tape

Somei Satoh  (b. 1947)
Music of the winds for solo recorder

Markus Zahnhausen (1965 – 2022)
Toccata, Schlaflied für einen Kolibri for solo recorder

Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685-1750)
Sonate e Moll for recorder & b.c., BWV 1034
Adagio ma non tanto | Allegro | Andante | Allegro


Duo with Anders Ericson, theorbo and baroque lute

Photo: Elias Gammelgård

Photo: Elias Gammelgård


De Visée – Prelude

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

De Visée – Allemande

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

Barsanti – Scottish tune

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

De Visée – Montfermeil

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)



Recorders and flutes from the swedish folk tradition meets in a folk-ish innovative collaboration.

3 of Sweden’s most prominent folk musicians on flutes and recorders Göran Månsson, Kim Persson & Kristine West.


Artistic collaboration project between Folk singer Emma Härdelin, accordeon player Lisa Eriksson Långbacka and Kristine West.

Supporded by Swedish Performing Arts Agency & Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden.




Härdelin/West/Långbacka – Live


Polonäs efter Anna Berglund

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

“Systrar hören min musik” – C.M. Bellman

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

“Schafe können sicher weiden” – J.S. Bach – swedish text Emma Härdelin

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

“Come again/Kära kom” – J. Dowland – swedish text Emma Härdelin

Lyssna på ljudklipp (mp3)

Trio with Marcus Mohlin, harpsichord & Stina Petersson, baroque cello

Kristine West, Stina Petersson and Marcus Mohlin met during their studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. They formed an ensemble in 2012, in connection with a tour that marked the start of their collaboration. Since then they have given around 50 concerts together as a trio, as well as countless concerts in a variety of duo and larger ensembles. The ensemble have been praised for their interplay and communication, both within the ensemble and with the audience, and their playing is characterised by a feeling of being in the moment and spontaneity.

They released their first entire album as an entire ensemble – Bach Flute Sonatas -
in the beginning of 2017. Read more under Discography!

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ReCorda is a flute quartet consisting in Kristine West, recorders, Joel Nyman, violin, Nina Söderberg, viola and Frida Bromander, cello.

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